Career Guidance

We conduct career guidance programs which for School & University students. The program consist of topics below

    • Interview Facing Skills
    • Positive Thinking
    • Effective Communication Skills
    • Effective Presentation Skills
    • Effective CV Writing

Our main aim in conducting these programs is to reduce the unemployment level and as well as to create awareness amongst the youth in Sri Lanka on facing life challenges successfully. On a research we conducted with our clients, and face to face interviews conducted with candidates from many different industries, we found out that no matter how qualified you are or experienced many fail to grab the job that they have been waiting to get their selves in to just for the simple reason of not knowing the right answers to the right questions or right attire to the right situation.

We basically conduct these programs batch by batch to create more awareness about how to face an interview successfully, if you are interested in participating in one of these programs feel free to contact us on our contact details mentioned in the website.

The recruitment system in Sri Lanka

Today in Sri Lanka there are so many job seekers along with many different recruitment companies. But none of them talks about how to face an Interview Successfully … The agent calls the candidates schedule’s the appointment with the client and then the candidate goes and meets the client, faces the interview and comes back failing the interview. It’s a waste of time of the candidate as well as the client.

Most of us forget the fact that not every qualified candidate is aware of the fact of how to face that life changing moment of a Job interview. It’s not just an interview or questions and answers session. It involves body language / Appearance / communication Skills / Self Presentation Skills & most of all Common Sense. Whereas most of the candidates miss out on at least 3 elements of above which ends up in not getting the job.

In a recruiters point of view we think that all of the above are important to get through a job interview in a well reputed organization.

Body Language

You need to know the basic of how to handle your facial impressions body moves at an interview so that you do not pass the wrong message to the interviewer. For an example giving a professional hand shake, plays a major role at an interview. The hand shake needs to be firm and steady one, which will tell the interviewer about your level of confidence, professionalism and the suitability for the position.

When you walk in to an interview Shake hands whilst introducing yourself, It is one of the key professional practices that needs to be accurate, to be recognized as an appropriate match for the available position. As it indicates your level of confidence which you have within yourself.

Appearance (Grooming)

It is very important to know what to wear and what not to wear for an interview. You need to give that professional look to get in to the right position. Your Dress/ Shirt/Trouser clean and neatly ironed is the first thing you should be aware of, then comes your nails, hair, beard, mustache, shoes, Body Odor etc.., Cos some doesn’t know the importance of being professionally dressed at an interview. It is definitely not their fault, it’s just that they have not been exposed to the importance of it. The attire, gives a clear picture about your personality and can be very easily judged if you are a well-planned and an organized person who will do a good job at work or not.

Communication skill

Being able to communicate effectively and confidently is the most important of all life skills.

Through your communication ability you are judged if you are a suitable match for the available position or not. Basically your capabilities are measured by the way you present yourself through communication, could be at an interview or any other circumstances where you need to pass a message across to an particular individual or group of individuals. Therefore it’s very important that you know what you talk and you understand what you hear to get to a successful finish.

Self-Presentation Skills

Being present at an interview, implicates physical presence as well as perceptual presence.

Many candidates get nervous at interviews, for the simple reason that they have not prepared themselves to face an interview. Self-presentation includes all of the above in a nutshell. An excellent Attire, Positive Body Language, Communication Skills up to standard put together ends up in giving a great self-presentation.

Some of the important points to remember before & during an Interview

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